Spring and Summer Classes begin

Monday, May 18th


No Fear Painting

Instructor: Mary Giammarino

May 18th to 22nd, 2pm to 6pm

Wei will be studying and applying many of the fundamental techniques of Plein Air painting. Together, we will investigate the light and its effect on our visual field, and how to translate that onto a canvas. We will not emply formulas; there is no "correct" way to paint and no such thing as a "mistake." It is my goal to equip you with the tools necessary for a lifetime of exploration with Plein Air painting.


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508-487-6300 or 727-612-9446



Discover a New Way of Seeing Color

Instructor: Camille Przewodek

September 8th to 12th 
9am to 4pm

Good color, or color that expresses the light key of nature, can make even the most mundane subject matter strikingly beautiful. In this course you will learn the structure of the landscape—what is important to include as well as what to leave out. We will focus on expressing the big masses, light key and aerial perspective with color. Camille Przewodek will do demonstrations throughout the workshop. Read More


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Plein Air Painting in Watercolor

Instructor: Lee Boynton

September 13, 14, 15

9am to 4pm

Watercolor enthusiasts:  In this three day workshop, Lee will be teaching his students to capture the unique quality of the light in Provincetown, which has been attracting artists for generations. On the first day, the students will learn to apply the Impressionist palette of colors to painting colored blocks outdoors. This exercise will help develop their color vision and ability to paint the light in watercolor. During the remainder of the workshop the students will apply their color knowledge to painting the landscape in and around Provincetown.

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